What do crickets taste like?

Pretty good actually! Our dry-roasted crickets are light and crispy. An unflavoured, dry-roasted cricket generally tastes a little nutty, similar in taste and texture to a sunflower seed.

Our flavoured crickets are very similar in taste to the flavour of potato chips.

Cricket protein powder (flour), has a faint nutty, earthy flavour to it. In most uses (smoothies, brownies, banana bread, cookies) it is unnoticeable, and just adds a complete protein, vitamin and mineral (b12! iron! calcium! pre-biotic fibre) boost to whatever you’re eating!

There are two species of crickets largely grown in North America. Of those we farm the Acheta Domesticus which is largely considered to be the better tasting of the two. We provide them only filtered water and high quality feed. This is important since the crickets’ diet can greatly affect their taste.

Eating insects is generally pretty new to most North Americans. It’s important to know that there is a vast difference in taste and texture crickets. Think of it like wine, or cheese. You may love some types of cheese while not liking others at all (blue cheese anyone?).


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Are your crickets gluten free?

Yes. Crickets are gluten free and we use gluten free ingredients in our flavouring. Our processing facilities are not certified gluten free and we cannot guarantee that cross contamination will never occur.

Are your crickets dairy free? Nut free?

All of our products are dairy and nut free. This makes them an amazing choice for school lunches and snacks, and people with allergies. Our processing facilities are not totally allergen-free and we cannot guarantee that cross contamination will never occur.

What can i do with cricket powder?

We offer some ideas on our recipes page. We will continue to grow this section. Also googling for cricket powder recipes will also turn up a lot of results.

Why do you offer so few products?

We believe that fewer, delicious products ultimately will be most helpful to the entomophagy movement.

What shipping options do you offer?

We ship our products via Canada Post. All products ship with a tracking number. Local orders can select ‘Local Delivery’ for free, within Owen Sound only. We will email you to further co-ordinate.

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We currently only ship within Canada, but will include shipping to the States shortly.