Dill Pickle Dry Roasted Crickets, 6-Pack


Dill Pickle Dry Roasted Crickets, 6-Pack


Dry roasted, Dill Pickle flavoured crickets. Those who know, know. Just like Dill Pickle potato chips, but better of course.

Fed a vegetarian diet. Ethically harvested. Dry-roasted and flavoured. Texture is light and crispy, just like a Rice Krispie! Snack on these just like you would potato chips – without the guilt. 

Each pack contains 6g of protein (including all 9 essential amino acids). Also b12! iron! calcium! Crickets are also a prebiotic so are a gut anti-inflammatory.

Per equal parts protein a cricket uses only 2% (!!) of the water and 12% of the land, and emit only 1% of the methane vs cows.

This is six 10g packages.

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Nut free.

While our product is gluten free our processing facilities are not certified gluten free and we cannot guarantee that cross contamination will never occur.

Note: People who are allergic to crustaceans and shellfish may have an allergic reaction to crickets.

Note: Contains Dairy.

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